Monday, June 28, 2010

Runway Boutique gets Vintage, and they get Deconstructed too.

We're all aware, well aware, that our country is in an economic strife. We all need to play our part and remember the words we learned on Earth Day in grade-school: reduce, reuse, recycle.

We at Runway Boutique are taking these three strong words to a whole new level. To frequent customers and clients, Runway Boutique has always had something for every kind of woman whether you are: the naturalist, the glamour girl, the upper east-side New York chic Blair Waldorf type, the bold and colorful, or feminine and flirty. But like the good man, Bobby Dylan once said, "these times, they are a changing" and so is Runway Boutique. With that said, Runway Boutique is introducing it's Vintage Line and Deconstructed line, and we promise to win the mind's and hearts of all of our loyal clients and new clients to come.
Let's get on with it...
Meet Empressa, our Deconstructed, Vintage loving girl next door.

She's bold, she's flirty, she's natural, she's glamour, she's a bit New York chic--she's everything a Runway Girl encompasses and more. She's not afraid to mix patterns, mix color, mix texture, mix, mix, mix... and match. She takes from the man, Jean Paul Gautier and uses underwear and outerwear, and she looks bad!

She's embraces her curves and also creates new ones.

Having less money does not hinder her investment of new pieces; instead of buying new, she takes apart the old and thus creates something new. She uses economic restriction as inspiration and the outcome: one of-a-kind masterpieces.
There's truth in the saying, where there is one, there will be more. Our Runway girls are not just lovers of deconstruction--they are lovers of vintage. There is nothing better than putting on a historical piece of vintage like, this pink and black poke-a-dot blazer/blouse.

And this black and white poke-a-dot dress. Are you seeing a theme here at Runway? Yes, we love our poke-a-dots. YES WE DO!

And this ivory sequence dress. Oh la la.

We also can't forget our new staples. Like the beautiful bamboo purses.

We all love the idea of bamboo and how it plays into the idea of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The bamboo purse comes in two different satchel sizes, a clutch and medium style hand bag.

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